January 29, 2023

Vegan coach Fritz Horstmann shares his favorite super foods

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Nutrition is at the core of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and it plays a crucial role in your fitness goals. Whether you want to gain muscle or lose weight, your nutrition should be a focus as it will determine how you get to your desired physique. Nowadays, a vegan lifestyle is becoming more popular and prominent in the fitness industry, as people are seeing the health benefits of swapping to a plant-based diet.

Fritz Horstmann is a notable fitness coach and influencer, known for his vegan programs that have helped hundreds of people become fit and healthy with plant-based foods. Being a vegan for 5 years and becoming a certified nutritionist with a Bachelor of Science degree, Horstmann has had much experience in the health and fitness industry.

He is sharing countless pieces of advice when it comes to maintaining a vegan lifestyle, introducing many people to interesting recipes that might not have seemed possible with a vegan diet. We will list some of Fritz Horstmann’s favorite super foods and meals that are packed with nutritional benefits whilst still being delicious.

Vegan pizza

When people think about losing weight and being healthy, pizza isn’t generally the first food that will come to mind. Luckily, when on a vegan diet, pizza can definitely be on the dinner table and it can be just as enjoyable when it is plant-based. Horstmann believes that you should enjoy the meals you eat so that you can maintain a healthy lifestyle, and this is one way to do it.

By sprinkling some vegan cheese, vegan mince meat, and some nutritional yeast, you can add a lot of protein to the pizza. Topped with lots of vegetables, this is a dish that will fill you up and give you all the nutritional benefits you need. Just because you want to be healthy and plant-based doesn’t mean you can’t eat something as beloved as pizza.

When it comes to foods like this, Madison Lowery-a personal trainer and plant-based coach- speaks about how it can be easy to assume that just because you are vegan, you are automatically healthy. But even something like vegan pizza can be unhealthy if drowned in too much vegan cheese and oil. Moderation is key, which is notable in Fritz’s favorite meals.

Vegan Mexican food

Vegan Mexican food options open up many opportunities to pack a lot of nutritional ingredients into different meals. Using some of Fritz’s favorite ingredients like tofu, avocado, vegan mince, vegetables, and black beans, you can recreate some of his favorite Mexican dishes.
Vegan tacos are a great choice that can be made all the healthier by using lettuce instead of actual taco shells. With a lot of vegetables and some cheese, this is a meal that is perfect for vegans looking for a healthy meal that is still tasty.

Vegan sushi

Following the trend of using ingredients like tofu and avocado, with some carrots, cucumber, and beet, you can create vegan sushi. Fritz is a big fan of vegan sushi, as it is low-calorie with a good balance of carbohydrates and protein as it utilizes many of his favorite vegetables.

Butternut and eggplant

These vegetables are a regular for Fritz, as they can be used as a base for a whole meal. Stuffed butternut squash can be easily made with black beans and quinoa, a great ingredient that Fritz uses to pack a lot of protein into his meals. Similarly, a filled eggplant is a great meal that incorporates soy protein and simple carbohydrates to give a balanced meal that is healthy and nutritional.

Chickpea ice cream

Fritz also showcases his sweet tooth by using chickpeas, a must-have for people on a vegan diet. By combining dates, natural peanut butter, chickpeas, and coconut milk, alongside other ingredients, you can create an interesting vegan dessert to satisfy cravings.

Final thoughts

As seen by Fritz’s favorite ingredients and meals, a plant-based diet does not restrict but rather presents you with many opportunities to follow a healthy lifestyle. These meals showcase that being vegan could be simple and effective, with benefits to your health, mentality, and the environment you live in. These ingredients come together to create interesting dishes that can pack a wonderful taste with all the nutrition needed.

Story by Virginia Sagal

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Vegan coach Fritz Horstmann shares his favorite super foods