October 1, 2022

Playpark encourages healthy lifestyles for parents | News

The Owensboro Health Healthpark has been offering childcare to its members for more than two decades, making a healthier lifestyle more accessible to parents, according to Kathy Griffin, operations manager.

The Playpark, a two-hour daycare service, has been available at the Healthpark since its opening 23 years ago, according to Griffin, offering a unique and necessary service for Healthpark members.

“We want it to be perceived as a benefit for members and make it even easier … for them to come and be able to accommodate their needs and for [childcare] not to be a barrier for them being able to come and workout and improve their health,” she said.

The Playpark, according to Judy Williams, childcare assistant and PRN, also caters a lot to new parents who maybe have not been away from their children before.

New parents can have a better peace of mind being away from children, knowing they are still in the same building, and can come in to check in on their child if they need, while working to maintain healthy lifestyles for themselves and allowing their children to develop social skills with other children in the daycare, she said.

“They can drop them off right here, and it’s not as stressful for them — they know the children are here, and if we need them we can call and get them down here,” she said.

Not only can parents utilize the Playpark while working out, but they can also drop children off to attend appointments or classes at the Healthpark, Williams said.

The Playpark offers child care that is engaging for children of a variety of ages, including activities that might cater to a broad age range, with a room dedicated for older children to use computers or watch movies.

There are only two staff members, herself and PRN Reed Seaton, in the Playpark looking after children, both of whom are CPR and first aid trained.

With limited staff, Williams said it allows parents to get to know child care assistants.

Williams said she has also received education in how to set up daycares so that children can be seen at all times during play.

Griffin said while attendance at the Playpark has been down in the past two years, along with overall Healthpark visits, due to COVID-19, attendance is beginning to ramp back up.

Just last week, Williams said the Playpark saw more than 100 children. There is a capacity limit at the Playpark of 10 children to each staff member.

The Playpark is open Monday through Saturday to children ages six weeks to 12 years old. Those seeking services with the Playpark must be Healthpark members and must remain on the premises while their child is attending the Playpark.

Anyone interested in learning more about the Playpark can call 270-688-4775.

Christie Netherton, [email protected], 270-691-7360