September 28, 2022

Mobile emissions treatment in line with Saudi and Middle East green initiatives

ENDEGS, the market leader in mobile combustion technology, has developed the world’s first fully equipped, autonomously operated, trailer-mounted vapour combustion unit (VCU) for hydrocarbons, with combustion power available in 5, 10 or 20 MW capacity

ENDEGS has developed the world’s first fully equipped, autonomously operated, trailer-mounted VCU for hydrocarbons. (Image source: ENDEGS)

The company’s vapour control technologies have been used over several years – mainly for tank and pipe degassing, VRU replacement and loading applications. Some of them have lasted up to three years, involving the degassing of hundreds of liquid gas tankers or sea vessels in the chemical, petrochemical and gas industries.

For more than 14 years, ENDEGS has been offering professional project management for mobile vapour treatment of all kinds of gases, gas compounds and vapours of explosion groups IIA, IIB and IIC, ensuring a combustion rate of almost 100% during maintenance, repair, decommissioning, TAR, and emergency operations.

“Whether complete service or individual modules for rent, we find a customised solution for every challenge, no matter how individual it is. That makes the difference,” says Kai Sievers, founder and CEO of ENDEGS GmbH.

Beside the oil and gas industry, ENDEGS also serves clients in other industries such as fertiliser, automotive and others, where the products and their challenges are different. For example, cryogenic products such as ammonia or substances such as butadiene tend to polymerise, and they need a special degassing procedure – of course without smoke or flame, and without polymerisation. 

Mobile plug & play system

The ENDEGS own developed solution for mobile degassing can be used at any place, without the need of a crane is. The solution is time and cost effective and can be placed close to the place of maintenance, which would release the vapours to the atmosphere. Furthermore, ENDEGS has developed working processes which are also patented to minimise the overall risk and increase the level of safety. The mobile combustion unit from ENDEGS is able to handle the vapours from a tank, vacuum truck and/or intermediates tanks all at once without any impact of noise, open flame or odour on the surrounding environment. Besides the mobile combustion unit for degassing the VOCs occurring during the maintenance, ENDEGS’ highly skilled operator controls the process and ensures the safe operation for all workers involved. As well as safety, the protection of the environment and the reduction of the greenhouse gas footprint is another top priority.  

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