November 30, 2022

Is It Felony Or A Rip-off Corporate? (2022)

Is iX World Actual or Faux? Is iX World faithful?

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On this submit, I’m going to turn you the entire main points of iX World.

Right here, you’ll learn about,

  • What’s iX World?
  • Becoming a member of iX World
  • iX World Associate Rank
  • And, Lot’s additional info

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What’s iX World?

iX World is an Training platform that’s device is designed to unharness the utmost doable in all essential spaces of other people’s lifestyles. Joseph Martinez introduced iX World in 2020 and is situated in Utah, USA.

The Undertaking of the corporate is to have an effect on other people’s lives in all essential spaces of your lifestyles, together with your thoughts, frame, and spirit by means of emphasizing transformational and private construction. After buying the subscription to the corporate, you’ll change into a Emblem Ambassador of the corporate. iX World additionally Supplies an iX Academy as an training platform for its emblem ambassadors.

iX World Corporate Profile

Corporate Title iX World
Founder Joseph Martinez
Began 2020
Head Place of job North Salt Lake, Utah, USA.
Merchandise and Services and products Memberships
Web site
E-mail ID [email protected]

iX World Merchandise

In step with the professional web site of iX World, they declare,

Any long-lasting alternate or transformation comes via knowledge and reinforce! (Innovation). At iX, our network of like-minded folks is right here to lend a hand and reinforce you via no matter trials or difficulties you’re lately experiencing in Lifestyles.
iX has created a platform that can assist you innovate and change into your lifestyles. Our platform makes use of a few of as of late’s newest traits after which we weave the ones traits in conjunction with excellent outdated principle-centered construction (in each or any house you wish to expand).

iX World Legitimate

iX World does have no longer any bodily merchandise, they provide some On-line services and products.

  • Conduct-based Chat
  • Day-to-day Dependancy Monitoring
  • Multimedia Channels
  • Social Reputation
  • Gamified Coaching
  • Leaderboards & Contests

Via the best way, I feel, you’ve got doubts until now in regards to the merchandise of the corporate. I too, whilst researching. Mainly, iX world have no longer shared their product knowledge publicly on their web site, till you bought their Subscription plan. To sum up, you’ll get complete details about the goods of iX World after purchasing the subscription plan.

iX World Repayment Plan

Those are the next source of revenue strategies by means of that iX World associates can generate income.

  1. Recruitment Commissions or Direct Bonus
  2. Group Fee or Residual Fee
  3. VIP Bonus

1. Recruitment Commissions or Direct Bonus

Recruitment Fee or Direct Bonus of iX World is the corporate will pay a $15 fee to their Associates on each product sale. iX World Associates are paid an undisclosed share of the charges paid by means of for my part recruited Associates.

As well as, in case your enrolled Associates renew their subscription position each month, you’ll additionally get $15 consistent with cycle (1 Cycle=4 Week). 

At the professional web site, The instance given in IX World’s advertising and marketing video main points a $15 fee for recruiting Professional Tier Associates which is the same as 10.3% of the associated fee paid.

2. Group Fee or Residual Fee

iX World will pay residual commissions via a binary repayment construction. A binary repayment construction puts an associate on the most sensible of a binary crew, divided into left and proper instructions. To get this Fee, Associates want to construct two gross sales groups left and proper. Associates can position new downlines in both the left or proper team and should handle each teams.

On the finish of each and every cycle, the praise plan pays you between 10% and 20% of the whole PV of the weaker crew in response to the present rank.

Here’s the Team Fee Chart consistent with cycle capping in response to rank.

Rank Group Fee Capping consistent with Cycle
Energetic 10% $300
Pupil 10% $500
Apprentice 10% $2,000
Trainer 10% $5,000
Government Trainer 10% $10,000
Influencer 15% $25,000
Regional Influencer 15% $50,000
World Influencer 15% $100,000
Grasp Influencer 15% $250,000
Presidential Influencer 20% $500,000
Elite Influencer 20% $a million

3. VIP Bonus

VIP bonus is in response to an enrollment tree this means that non-public referrals and extra downlines. When iX World Associates have were given the required quantity of PV from other downline ranges, the corporate supply a set bonus for the other degree.

Stage Bonus OGV Required MAU
VIP 100 $100 360 – Stage 1 4
VIP 500 $450 1,080 – Stage 2 12
VIP 1,000 $900 3,600 – Stage 3 40
VIP 2,000 $2,000 10,800 – Stage 4 120
VIP 4,000 $4,000 22,500 – Stage 5 250
VIP 8,000 $8,000 45,000 – Stage 6 500

iX World Associate Rank

Associates Ranks Required GV
Energetic N/A
Pupil 1,000
Apprentice 2,000
Trainer 5,000
Government Trainer 10,000
Influencer 25,000
Regional Influencer 50,000
World Influencer 100,000
Grasp Influencer 250,000
Presidential Influencer 500,000
Elite Influencer a million

Tips on how to Sign up for iX World?

You want to buy a subscription plan to sign up for iX World and change into a Emblem Ambassador of the corporate. After Becoming a member of and turning into the Emblem Ambassador of the corporate, you’ll promote the goods,  construct downlines and earn commissions.

Here’s the Becoming a member of Bundle of iX World;

  • $124.99 a month for Elementary
  • $145 a month for Professional
  • $174.99 a month for top rate
Elementary ($115 In step with Month) Professional ($145 In step with Month) Top rate ($180 In step with Month)
iX Academy Comprises The whole lot in Elementary Comprises The whole lot in Professional
iX Social App CorePro (10+ Channels) Cloud (SMA)
Reside Training iCOM
Elementary Channels (2 Channels) TravelPro
Cloud FIBO5 Empire iX
And Extra

Is iX World a Rip-off?

After, in-depth analysis and research, I feel, Sure, iX World is an MLM Rip-off.

There are some elements I’ve decided on;

The professional does no longer display utterly the primary merchandise of the corporate. If other people most effective sign up for the corporate just for promoting their plan and generate income, so, it’s going to be Large Rip-off.

iX World supplies the the Forex market Buying and selling Carrier to its participants. However, the reality is the corporate isn’t a Felony Entity of offering monetary services and products, neither in america nor in India. As well as, they’re claiming 5% to twenty% returns, that sound isn’t excellent.

Is iX World Actual or Faux?

Yeah. Perhaps iX World is a Faux Corporate. Although, After seeing the web site of the corporate, you’ll see, This can be a Just right and Actual Corporate. However, After Analysing the corporate in-depth, I finalize, that this can be a Faux Corporate.

Is iX World Pyramid Scheme?

Sure, iX World is a Pyramid Scheme. The corporate has no longer any Bodily or Virtual Authoratove Merchandise. However, their Becoming a member of charges is simply too top in comparison to the marketplace. iX World is the use of the MLM Style to promote its poor-quality merchandise.


  1. What’s the iX World?

    iX World is the Main Self Betterment Platform that gives community-based studying and a supportive team.

  2. Is iX World faithful?

    Most likely No longer, iX World misled its becoming a member of participants with false and deceptive details about itself and its merchandise. 

  3. How previous is IX World?

    iX World was once formally introduced in 2020.

  4. Is iX World registered in India?

    iX World is a Utah-based corporate in the United States. Lots of the shareholders of the corporate is a US citizen. That’s why The Corporate doesn’t fall underneath the duty to have itself registered in India.

  5. What’s iX World the Forex market Buying and selling?

    iX World the Forex market Buying and selling supplies the Indian Inventory Marketplace, Computerized the Forex market Buying and selling Professional Pack, the Forex market Marketplace Buying and selling Computerized Elementary Pack, and the Forex market Buying and selling Computerized Buying and selling.

  6. Who’s the landlord of iX World?

    Joseph Martinez is the founder, proprietor, and CEO of iX World.

  7. How do you earn from iX World?

    There are 3 the way to generate income from iX World;
    Recruitment Commissions or Direct Bonus
    Group Fee or Residual Fee
    VIP Bonus

  8. Do you get speedy get admission to to all of the content material of iX World?

    Sure! After getting signed up. You get speedy get admission to to all coaching and content material on your IX World Library. 

  9. Are you able to refund the iXGlobal Subscription?

    No, Refunds aren’t to be had for this program. You’ll no longer refund your cash from iX World After complete fee.

  10. Are you able to cancel IXGlobal Mentoring Subscription at any time?

    On the finish of your 7-day trial length, you’ll be charged the once a year value of $99 USD (+ VAT tax for EU international locations). You’ll cancel your subscription throughout the 7-day trial length, it’s possible you’ll accomplish that within the billing segment of your IXGlobal account.


To sum up, iX World is a platform that says to lend a hand other people to change into the folks’s lives with the most recent traits. I’m hoping you were given whole details about iX World Corporate from this evaluate.

Now, I wish to know from you:

Once you have whole main points of the corporate, Are you actually to Sign up for this corporate?

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