January 29, 2023

Best CBD Oil for Anxiety & Depression Reviewed 2022

Are you lately feeling excessively worried, fatigued all the time, or being restless more often? It may be possible that you are suffering from anxiety and depression. Those are just a few of the symptoms of anxiety you have to watch out for.

With the many stress triggers in the world, sometimes it feels like that ending up with anxiety is inevitable. However, the best way would be to seek a solution to the different types of anxiety a person might be facing.

The popular choice would be using anti-anxiety medications. However, such medications can sometimes have harsh side effects. If you have experienced them before, it is then time to go for the best CBD oil for anxiety and depression. Yes, using CBD oil may help with anxiety.

To understand how CBD works for anxiety, read up to the end of this guide.

What is Cannabidiol?

Cannabidiol is a compound found in hemp and cannabis plants. This is part of the many other chemical chemicals called cannabinoids. In addition to CBD, you also get Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, which is commonly the desired compound in cannabis, but not in hemp.

In the past, the use of CBD had faced a lot of stigmas, but more people are warming up to consider it. This was mostly due to its association with THC. However, the two compounds have totally different applications and how they affect the body.

As of 2018, laws were passed to make it legal for businesses to sell hemp and its related products in the US. As such, you can easily get hemp products including CBD oil. It is worth noting that not all CBD products made with hemp extract are legal, they have to follow certain restrictions to make them legal under the law.

Best CBD Oil for Anxiety: Top CBD Brands for 2022

CBD Pure


  • The oil is free from pesticides
  • Has a generous 90-day refund time
  • Products tested in third-party labs


  • Its product range is limited

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CBDPure sales of CBD oil has been through the roof lately. This is mostly because of the number of people who are warming up to the idea of using CBD oil for anxiety and other conditions too. So far, not many people have negativity towards the use of CBD oil.

You would decide to get the best CBD oil for anxiety and depression from the company because of the amazing help you get from the support team. All those who would want more information on full-spectrum CBD oil and broad-spectrum CBD oil can do so from customer support.

Also, having a 90-day money-back guarantee will be enough to drive more people to consider it.

It would make sense if you buy the best CBD oils that also have been verified to be high-quality. That is possible with CBDPure since its CBD oil is tested in a third-party lab. As such, it will be easy to verify if this CBD for anxiety and panic attacks does not have contaminants.

Being third-party tested is not all as the brand uses the CO2 extraction method. This chemical-free method means that its CBD products do not have contaminants and additives. Also, you end up with the desired amount of phytochemicals in the products.

2. cbdMD


  • You are eligible for free shipping
  • You get a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Its product range is tested in third-party labs


  • The products can be quite expensive in comparison to other CBD brands

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Anyone seeking broad-spectrum CBD oil or CBD gummies for anxiety rather than full-spectrum CBD oil should consider this brand. It emphasizes this formulation as it leads to having more compounds in the product. Well, more is always better for many people.

As expected, the CBD oil for anxiety and depression from the brand will be third-party tested. Such type of testing is vital for ensuring the manufacturer is using the right ingredients. Also, its hemp source is quite good. This is because cbdMD uses U.S grown hemp from reputable farmers too.

The best CBD oils from the company come in different potencies. All the potencies will have a type of application that makes them ideal. The best way to determine the right potency would be consulting a trained doctor on how much CBD for anxiety you should use. When it is done right, it may help with anxiety.

People would consider CBD products since they can taste better than anti-anxiety medications. Like for this company, some of the options for CBD oil flavors are berry, orange, and mint. You can still get CBD oil in its natural flavor.

The cbdMD often has discounts, coupons on its products. So, even if you want to save some money on your purchase, this would be a nice consideration.

3. Sol CBD


  • Orders over a certain amount get free shipping
  • Its lab reports are easy to find


  • There is no worldwide shipping

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Sol CBD was founded in 2015 and right now is more popular than other CBD brands that may have been around for longer. This is mostly because of the kind of CBD products the company offers to the users. You can get a wide range of options including full-spectrum hemp extract CBD oil. So, if you want the best CBD oils for anxiety and depression, this should be on your list.

The company claims that it gets all its raw materials from U.S. manufacturers. So, you would end up buying its CBD oil products knowing that at least the farmers followed the strict farming guidelines. Also, it will be non-GMO hemp.

Even though it has not been listed on the U.S. Hemp Authority website, we feel like it should be on it already. This is because of the different types of CBD oils the company makes. It has so far proven that its products are safe for anxiety and mental health through customer feedback.

Having the MCT oil as the carrier oil also helps a lot in ensuring the CBD oil can be absorbed into the body faster. That is what you want when you have to deal with anxiety symptoms.

4.  Hemp Bomb CBD


  • There is strict third-party testing
  • Easily available in different outlets
  • It offers competitive pricing


  • Its lower potencies are not as effective

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The company mostly features broad-spectrum CBD oil. When others are always giving us full-spectrum CBD oil, you now have an option of choosing a different CBD oil type. Its different approach has made it possible for the company to be quite popular among those who like using CBD for anxiety.

The use of premium grade hemp oil will generally leave you with quality CBD products too. The company is willing to share its processes arriving at the CBD oil tinctures in the end. So, you can always find more people having confidence that the effects of CBD you get may help with anxiety disorders.

It is the attention to detail that would lead to many people considering it for treatment for anxiety disorders. The customer support will generally be good enough to guide you in picking the best CBD oil. So, you can buy the CBD once you are satisfied that it is the best CBD in the market.

The third-party labs through their reports have revealed that it is a safe company to consider using its CBD products. Also, CBD oils are available in various flavors such as peppermint, watermelon, and more. So, settle for the best flavor option.

CBD and Anxiety, Sleep Disorder: What Research Says

It often makes sense to understand what research says before opting for CBD oil for anxiety and depression. Of course, if you are anxious or depressed, it will affect your sleep quality too. That is how resolving anxiety symptoms can also help you sleep better.

The Anxiolytic Effects of CBD

There have been a couple of studies seeking to understand the anxiolytic effects of CBD. The experiments were conducted both in animals and humans. They all arrived at the same conclusion that CBD has anxiolytic effects whereby it decreases anxiety in patients having a social phobia.

There were also novel clinical trials that involved patients having other types of anxiety disorders such as social anxiety, OCD, panic attacks, and PTSD. The studies showed that the best CBD oil can go a long way to relieving the symptoms of such conditions.

However, the question of the optimal therapeutic window associated with CBD is yet to be determined. With more research happening now, we can expect it to happen sooner.

Cannabidiol in Sleep Disorder

If you are wondering whether CBD for sleep is effective? There is good news that CBD oil can actually help you sleep better.

A study published in January 2019 looked at how CBD could help with anxiety and sleep. 72 adults were involved in the study. Their main concerns were having anxiety and they were experiencing poor sleep too. The results were that 79.2% of the patients had decreased anxiety scores while 66.7% of the patients had better sleep.

How Long Does CBD Oil Take To Work For Anxiety?

CBD oil is often the preferred method if you hope to get faster CBD effects in the body. It will take around 30 minutes to start experiencing relief of anxiety symptoms. Also, vaping or smoking CBD oil can lead to faster effects.

Where CBD Oil Is Legal?

If you are in the United States, CBD is legal in all 50 states. However, the law on its regulation can vary from one state to another. So, ensure that you are familiar with the different laws in where you are living before opting for the use of CBD.

As for other countries, check the local laws to see if CBD is legal in your country.

CBD Oil For Anxiety: Key Takeaways

The best CBD oil for anxiety will mostly do a good job of ensuring that you get rid of anxiety symptoms. Most of the time, such CBD oil that you pick will be free of contaminants making it safe for you to consider using such CBD oils to handle depression and anxiety symptoms. This is good news for those seeking alternative medication to prescription medications.

Best CBD Oil for Anxiety & Depression Reviewed 2022